Anonymous asked:

Let's pretend for a second I am blind. Try to describe to me your favorite color without using its name, and I want to try to guess what it is. :)

*Kiss my Asterisk* Answer:


Just think of absolutely serenity. Every breath you take of meditation.
The feeling you get when you’re listening to your favorite song with someone that means the world to you as you introduce them to it for the very first time.
The smell of the rain and fresh cut grass.
The constant rebirth of Mother Nature, the new sprouts of life or the bud of a flower that will one day stun you beyond words.
But also that sting of pain you feel when the person you love loves someone else. That moment of rage when you can’t yet think of their happiness because you’re too broken yourself.
How you feel when you’re left out while those close to you plan something fantastic.
When you just can’t get your way or accomplish your dream, but everyone else seems to be succeeding in absolutely everything. And though you may not truly mean any harm to them, you just can’t shake off a certain feeling. That’s this color.
That’s my favorite color.
Do you get what it is?

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