It’s super great that my phone went off as loud as possible in class…especially because I sit right in the front of the class…and my notification tone screams “YOU HAVE A NEW TEXT MESSAGE, HIGH FIVE”…in Borat’s voice…and my professor is Russian…super great.

Super. Duper. Great.

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My rough day in music puns:

Skateboarding isn’t really my forte so I ended up riding off of a clef, but the real treble was when I couldn’t find my way Bach up from the bass. I might have baroque-n a bone or two. When I finally made it, I was placed under a rest for all of my violins. Luckily, I was bailed out by a passing stranger who showed symphony and said “Don’t fret, you’re not going down solo. Together we’ll get through it, we can duet.” But the stranger was a kid, maybe tenor eleven so I assume that he was full of Scheidt. You never really can Telemann’s age or wisdom though. It was just alto much for me to Handel, but I restrained from throwing a tempo tantrum because it sonata big deal, nothing too major. I got 99 problems, but a pitch ain’t one, but I must go and play some Hadyn seek in a minuet.

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