You hurt me…

You hurt me every time you disregard what I say to you. Every time you leave alone all the comfort I try to give you. You constantly complain about not being understood or not being liked or not feeling like you’re good enough, and I tell you that I understand, that I love you, and that for me you’re so much more than good enough, and that you make me so proud. I tell you how amazing I think you are for being you and how strong I believe you are. AND YOU UTTERLY DISREGARD IT BECAUSE I MEAN NOTHING TO YOU. BECAUSE MY WORDS AREN’T GOOD ENOUGH FOR YOU. Do you ever consider how that might make me feel? Do you ever consider that maybe that hurts me?

Do you not even realize that you make me feel the way that everyone else makes you feel?

Do you even care?
Probably not.

hurt fuck you i hate you you suck fuck off but not really ugh me self personal rant idk life fml love hate stupid fuck i hate this